Vert.x on OpenShift

WebSockets for the rest of us

Presented by:

Steven Pousty

@TheSteve0 on Twitter, IRC, Instagram, Ingress, SmugMug, and Github



  1. Learn a bit about PaaS
  2. A little about Vert.x on OpenShift
  3. See some polyglot websocket mapping goodness

Here is what we are going to build or !


But I know EC2...


  • Polyglot - anything that runs on JVM
  • Asynchronous or Synchronous
  • Non-blocking IO (based on Netty)
  • Event Bus and Websockets out of the box
  • Tons-o-modern Web Utility functions

Architecture and Terms pt I

Architecture and Terms pt II

Architecture and Terms pt III

Vert.x on OpenShift

On GitHub! Maintained by Nick Scavelli

So simple - anyone can do it

Differences from usual Vert.x deploy

  • No command line instead vertx.env
  • On a scalable, not really made for different verticles in different gears
  • No failover - likely to be a module
  • No git push to build and deploy


  • Build a bus tracking system for Chattanooga
  • We got a nice API from Jason D with JSON
  • Enough Talk - CODE!


    Let's wrap it up

    1. Vert.x is async and awesome without needing to know Node.js
    2. Vert.x is great on OpenShift and getting better - blog post here
    3. Free!
    4. Github repo:

    Come hang out with us:
    #openshift or #openshift-dev on freenode irc