Scale or Fail

Presented by:

Steven Pousty

@TheSteve0 on Twitter, IRC, Ingress, SmugMug, and Github


  1. Learn a bit about PaaS
  2. A little scaling
  3. See a demo


  1. You write web code or are a devops person
  2. You can use command line, git, and ssh

But I know EC2...

One Source to Bind Them All



Scaling - what is web scale?

Two types of scaling

  1. Vertical - bigger, stronger, faster
  2. Horizontal - swarm baby swarm

What you need for horizontal

  • Commodity "hardware"
  • Ease of creation and deletion
  • Software built to grow sideways

OpenShift Architecture

OpenShift Scaling

Micro Services

Fowler has a page

image from that page

Let's DO IT!!!


  • Take a github repo I made for a single app
  • Use it in a scaling app on OpenShift
  • Slam it with a load tester and watch it scale up

Scaling hints

  • Avoid sessions
  • Loosely couple your pieces
  • Design for retries and small pieces failing
  • Use the architecture of the web for you
  • Caching is your friend

Let's wrap it up

  1. Openshift makes life great for you
  2. Scaling can be easy if done from the beginning
  3. Free!

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