The Identification and Husbandry of Developer Evangelists

Presented by:

Steven Pousty

@TheSteve0 on Twitter, IRC, Instagram, Ingress, SmugMug, and Github


  1. Teach you how to identify Developer Evangelists (or potential Developer Evangelists)
  2. Understand their role and how to keep them happy

Why I get to talk about this

I am an ecologist - actually Dr. Ecologist
Been an Evangelist for 9 years - ESRI, deCarta, Linkedin, Red Hat

When did we appear and why does the species exist

  1. Started in about 2003
  2. Developers are fairly immune to normal marketing
  3. Nothing actually replaces human to human interaction

What is a key

First criteria

Can close a deal?

Always closing


Naturally curious?



Lives to write code and is technical?





Great attention to detail and loves managing project?


Product or Project Manager

Likes to Teach?


keep going

People Pleaser?


looking good

Writes technical & non-technical content?


signs point to yes

Comfortable with being 1 mile wide, 1/4 mile deep on a few things, & 1 inch in a lot of things?



Traits I have seen in the great ones

  1. Ability to talk smack
  2. Ability to be passionate
  3. Ability to be funny
  4. Doesn't take themselves too seriously

Their Focus

  1. Their word is their currency
  2. Build their company brand, their product brand, and their own brand
  3. They need to be a thought leader in some deep area
  4. They live to make developers successful on their product

Care & Feeding

  1. Get them outside on a regular basis
  2. Feel connected to the product
  3. Mix with engineers
  4. Exposure to new technology
  5. Need to teach others
  6. They need to write

Document to read if you want

Evangelist Manifesto