MongoNY Workshop -
MongoDB on a PaaS

Sign up code: mongonywk

Presented by:

Steven Citron-Pousty

@TheSteve0 on Twitter, IRC, and Github (spousty at my


  1. Learn a bit about PaaS
  2. A little about OpenShift
  3. Get an app and MongoDB running in the cloud


  1. You like writing code rather than managing servers
  2. You can use command line, git, and ssh

But I know EC2...

One Source to Bind Them All




But wait - there's more

  1. Free! No time limit
  2. 3 gears (like servers) - each 512 Mb RAM, 1 Gb disk
  3. Auto-scaling
  4. Simple pricing

Less talk more code!

Now it's your turn

  1. Install the rhc command line tools (or the eclipse plugin)
  2. Make (or change to a dir. where you want the source code to end up
  3. Make am app with Mongo
    rhc app create [appname] [cartridge-type] mongodb-2.2
  4. Go into the git repo and look around. Then go into the source directory
  5. Edit the <h1> element to say something else
  6. Push the changes to OpenShift
    git commit -am "Your message"
    git push
  7. SSH in and look around

Let's look at some code

  1. Java using JEE - CDI and JAX-RS
  2. Python - Using Flask
  3. Node.JS using Express

Then run the import and we are set to go!

Let's wrap it up

  1. Openshift makes life great for you
  2. Spatial is easy and fun with MongoDB
  3. Free!

Come hang out with us:
#openshift on freenode irc