CakeFest Introduction to PaaS for
application developers

Presented by:

Steven Pousty

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But I know EC2...

One Source to Bind Them All



How we make the sausage

  1. Use Linux Containers
  2. Years of Experience Supporting SysAdmins and Devs on Linux
  3. Automate That Which Can be Automated!

"Clear Boundaries
Infite Possibilities"

Steve's Therapist

Enough Talk - CODE!


  1. Make a PHP 5.4 app
  2. Push a code change
  3. Make a CakePHP site
  4. Make a full app from a Github repo:
  5. Show what OpenShift did under the hoods for us

Let's wrap it up

  1. PaaS makes life great for you
  2. You can live your dreams! This is the best of all possible worlds
  3. Free! With Free Ebook!

Come hang out with us:
#openshift or #openshift-dev on freenode irc